Welcome To M Grewal & Co.

M Grewal & Co is a boutique law firm based in Hong Kong, specializing in Commercial Law and all aspects of Intellectual Property matters from creation, protection, exploitation to enforcement.

We act for a wide variety of clients from multinationals to SME’s to individual entrepreneurs and individual inventors from around the world.

Through our network of contacts we can provide seamless legal services in numerous countries including China, USA and Europe.

Practice Areas

Patent Litigation

Patent law is a complex and specialized area of law. This area of law is constantly developing to keep pace with technological developments and advances. A scientific / technical background is a major advantage in understanding new technology and enables more effective protection of patent rights.

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Business Litigation

We can help your business through various civil remedies available through the Courts in Hong Kong including:
Interlocutory Injunctions;
Anton Piller Orders - civil search and seize evidence of wrong doing;
Summary Judgement;

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Trademark Litigation

Brand protection is a fundamental weapon available to businesses to protect the unique identity of their goods and services.
Goodwill in a brand name can represent a substantial non-tangible asset for a business and hence it is vital to effectively take action to enforce your brand name.

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Copyright Litigation

Copyright is an unregistered right and is enforceable in Hong Kong as a result of international treaties for the protection copyright in member countries. The legal framework for copyright protection in Hong Kong is very extensive and effective.This framework has been revised periodically to reflect changes brought

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Design Protection

Design registration protects the appearance of your products. Registration enables you to stop others from copying your designs for their own products which are the same as your products or similar products. In order to successfully register your design it is vital to ensure your design is new.

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Trade Secrets

Your trade secrets such as your secret formula, method of doing business, your customer lists all represent an important aspect of your business - your secrets give your business the edge over your competitors. Provided you employ the correct strategy from the very outset it is possible for you to stop your departing employees

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Patent Protection

Hong Kong has a unique framework for protection of new inventions. The system is of re-registration as opposed to original grant of patent. Two types of patents can be secured namely standard patents and short term patents. Standard patents give you a monopoly for 20 years.

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Commercial Law

The spectrum of commercial law is vast and impacts on virtually every business.
We have considerable experience in commercial law covering:
Joint Ventures

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Registered Trademarks

Brand names can be registered providing they meet certain criteria. Registration entitles you to use the trade mark to the exclusion of others. If your mark is unregistered or is unregistrable you can still protect the goodwill you may have built up in that mark. In such a case it is important to ensure you adopt the necessary strategies.

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