Intellectual Property

Rights granted by law are meaningless without an effective system to protect and enforce those rights.

Hong Kong, a common law jurisdiction, has a long and established history of recognizing and protecting intellectual property. The value of protecting intellectual property rights is widely recognized and appreciated in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has an independent judiciary, as well as an effective and efficient court system, through which disputes can be resolved. The judicial system in Hong Kong is modeled on the English system and it is without doubt amongst the most sophisticated anywhere in the world.

The civil courts offer swift and effective remedies to litigants based on statutory or common law rights. These rights are amongst the most sophisticated in the world. In addition to civil remedies effective criminal sanctions are in place to protect intellectual property.

Before embarking on a law suit a litigant must be aware of the different types of remedies that are available and how long it will take to obtain them.

We can help your business through various civil remedies available through the Courts in Hong Kong including:

Mickey Grewal has considerable experience in civil litigation, acquired through handling matters in the High Court in England and in Hong Kong, for multinational clients.